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Hi, I’m Helen Kho. My purpose is to help small business owners to connect with their purpose and desires, to be a catalyst to them to take empowered action for the results they want, so they find fulfilment, joy and confidence in the way they show up in business and in life.

I support entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most and to follow through on their plans for growth and change in your business.

As a certified Strategic Intervention life coach I teach, coach and strategise with entrepreneurs to implement the changes they want to see. Being clear about what you really want is the first step.

My background in business and change management

For 15 years I had been setting up and optimizing processes and leading various projects within changing organizations, when I realized I was ready for change myself. I discovered a passion for personal development and a desire to help people in the way that I do since I founded my company Khoworks: I enable people to connect to their authentic self and to translate their desires in the empowered actions to have the results they want.


Taking empowered actions from the heart and stepping out of your comfortzone is what takes you to all that you want and beyond. Working on your mindset, having strategies and the support to deal with procrastination, overwhelm, lack of focus and build your self-confidence and acceptance makes all the difference in your results.

In my coaching programs it is about you, the entrepreneur, the heart behind your business, your impact. You make all the difference, by showing up in the biggest way.


This is me

  • I love a good laugh. I am a quiet person but I laugh LOUD;

  • My ‘feel good place’ is by the beach;

  • I enjoy being goofy with my daughter Zoë;

  • Being married with my husband who also has his own business brings us the freedom to be home a lot and be in charge of our own time;

  • I love great food and to enjoy it in the good company of family and friends;

  • For me it is all about connecting with other people. I love good, honest conversation.

  • I love to be with people, but alone time is sacred. My quiet time is my way of replenishing and selfcare;

  • I believe 90% of having the results you want, is about working on your mindset;

  • I believe that we can have the biggest impact if we embrace who we are and act from there.

“Find the magic in the pursuit of it”

Are you with me?