How you perceive yourself is driving your actions

Have you ever considered that if you're struggling to grow your business, if you have the feeling that you are working hard, but just not really getting there, that may be the way that you look at yourself is hindering you in growing your business. So how we look at ourselves, how we perceive ourselves to be, it feels like it is not changeable. But you actually can. You can change your identity.

So maybe you see yourself as someone who is hardworking. Or you might be a procrastinator or someone who has a lot of ideas, starts new things but never finishes them. Why would you change how you perceive yourself to be? Because your beliefs about yourself and your identity, the way that you think you are, it actually drives your behavior.


Your identity determines your results

It drives your actions, it drives the choices you make. And so it determines your results. So if your results are not what you want them to be, try to take a look at how you perceive yourself to be. I have an exercise for you. If you make two columns on a piece of paper and in the left column you write down everything that you believe you are. So the question is who are you? How do you perceive yourself? It is not about what other people think of you, but what you think of yourself. And be really honest about it.

So just write down everything. I'm a hard worker. I'm an introvert, I'm spontaneous, I'm a procrastinator, I am not disciplined. Whatever comes up when you describe yourself, put it on paper and be honest. And then in the second column, you write down 'helping' or 'supporting' your goals or 'hindering' you in achieving your goals.

With everything you write down, you ask yourself, is that identity helping me in achieving my goals or is it hindering me? By the end of the exercise, you'll have a list of what is helping you, what is not helping you in achieving your goals for your business. Then you take out everything that is hindering you. Just circle whatever is hindering you in your business and achieving your goals.

Then second step is to think about the goals you want to achieve in three years from now. Say you want to grow your business, grow the revenue. You want to have a team that is supporting you. You want to have fun in growing your business. You want to experience peace of mind, more freedom. You want to really enjoy running your business.

If you think about that, you fast forward to that moment where you have achieved everything that you wanted to achieve and then really look at who you have become in order to be able to achieve all of that.

So, which believes do you have about yourself when you have achieved that? And it probably won't be that you are a procrastinator or you don't finish things or, um, you will have other beliefs. Maybe your beliefs would be: I always follow through on the things that are really important. I always find a way, I am very solution oriented so I can find an opportunity in every situation. So that's a very different approach. That is a different picture of you.

Move into those new beliefs and you will see that you are changing your results.

If you write down how you see yourself in three years from now, when you have achieved all those goals, take a step back and see what you can do differently today. How would that person that you are in three years from now, how would you do things differently if you take on this identity right now?

What could you do now if you would start worrying about the revenue of the last few months, how would the very solution oriented YOU handle this? How could you focus on opportunities when you are worried? So if you do that exercise and you really work on taking on that new identity now before you have the results, you are actually moving into that new identity. It will help you make new choices. And actually make the choices you need to achieve the goals you are working on.

So don't believe you cannot change your identity because you can and start by identifying how you see yourself. Is it working for you? Is it supporting in your goals? Or is it hindering you? Take out all the hindering beliefs and try to write down which new beliefs you want to work on. What do you need to do differently starting today? Move into those new beliefs and you will see that you are changing your results.


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