Deal with the real problem when you're procrastinating

Today I wanted to talk to you about procrastination. I had a conversation with a business owner who had this plan of creating a new course for her business and she wasn't taking action on that, so she was procrastinating for months.

And when I asked her what she could do to take action on it, she explained that the problem was that she didn't have the time to do it. So when I asked her the question, she thought of the idea of getting up earlier and use that extra hour that she would have to create this course. When I asked her why she didn't think of that before, she realized that time was not the real problem.



Find a solution to the real problem

The actual problem was that she was worrying about what it would meant if she would work on this course. She would spend more time working and she would have less time for other things. She would worry about what her partner and her friends would think about that.

So when you think that time is the real problem, you start to think of new strategies to get yourself into action, which won't work because you're not working on the real problem.

You're not thinking of a solution to what's really blocking you in taking action. And so I wanted to invite you today to think about the things that you have in mind of doing, but you're procrastinating on. And you might have been thinking about that you don't have the right strategy, you don't have the right plan, you haven't found the right people to do it.


“More thinking, learning, planning, talking or researching is just adding to the time that you’re procrastinating”


You haven't found the right applications, the right software to do it. It is not the real reason why you are procrastinating. Because procrastination is about worrying about something if you would take action. It's about fear.

So the real question is: what is it that you are worrying about? What is it that you fear if you would take action right away?

 If you know the real problem, you know what's really blocking you, you can start thinking of a solution to the real problem and that would get you going and take the action that you actually need to move forward. So that's my inspiration for you today.

Have a great day!



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