What you need to do to create the change that you’re after

Do you want to create change? What I see happening a lot with business owners is that they have this idea that would really help them to create the change that they seek for their business or for their entrepreneurship.

But they actually take a lot of time to make that decision to do it or not to do it. There are two types of entrepreneurs that take too much time to decide on something that they really want.

In this week’s message I’m describing two ways you’re hindering the change that you want by taking too much time deciding.



The busy business owner

The first one is the entrepreneur who is very busy and overwhelmed with everything that they already doing for their work. They have this moment of clarity around what they really want and the change that they're looking for. And they get enthusiastic. They get very inspired to do something about it.

What happens is that they don't immediately make the decision to go for it. They decide to think about it a little bit more. But when they don't make a decision they get back to being caught up in the daily routine. They 'forget' about what they want in the long run. And before they know it they look back on another year without seeing the change that want. They never took the decision to commit to it.

And everything starts all over again. They will have that moment of clarity again (because you actually won't really forget about your idea) and again they will let the momentum pass. Meaning they haven't made the decision to go for it.

That's how entrepreneurs have had the idea for months or even years without taking any action. Deciding faster would really be helpful to create the change that you want. Utilise your moment of clarity about what you want to decide if you're going to make it happen and what you need to put in place sooner than later to make sure you will follow through on it.


The rational business owner (the thinking type)

Then you have the business owners who overthink it. You weigh your pros and your cons. You start to look for information about it.

You start to think, how am I going to do this? You might talk to people around you about it to see if they think it's a good idea. And so you take more and more time before you decide to do it or not to do it.

And in the meantime when, when you're taking more time to make that decision, the chances are bigger and bigger that you won't do it. The more you think about things that you want, the more momentum you're creating in doubting your idea, or in seeing more and more problems along the way.


“Creation is about timing. He who makes good use of timing creates more opportunities.”


If we can see a way to decide faster we would create more changes for our business. We lose momentum by taking to much time to decide. We spend time and energy on it without deciding to commit to doing it. It's what makes the difference between entrepreneurs who are happy and experiencing fulfilment and who are not.

Because the consequences of taking too much time is that nothing changes. And if it's okay with you that in two years from now, everything would be the same, of course that's okay. But if the change is important for you, then it is helpful to see if you can make your decisions more quickly in the moment when you are clear about what you want.

Think about how you can create something, an environment where you can actually take consistent action. And you might need support with that. So maybe you need accountability. You need someone who is supporting you and who will remind you that this is what you want and you should take action even when you are busy and even, when it's uncomfortable. If you want support, let's chat. Schedule your focus session to see how we can help: https://calendly.com/khoworks/focussession

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