This is what mindset work is about

Do you know what changing your mindset is actually about? Why is our mindset determining in creating the results we want? And what do you need to build that muscle to be able to change your mindset?

I want to tell you about a client of mine who I talked to last week. He wants to create changes for his work. One of the strategies that we talked about is to meet new people. People that can support him in a positive way. People who are business owners and could inspire him, who have done what he wants to do, or other people who just share the same interest.

He was open to do that and he went to this networking meeting and met other business owners and he came back being frustrated and he disappointed. He told me that the people that he met there, he really didn't want to connect with. He said that these were people about taking from other people for their own gain.

This weeks message is about why we get what we expect and how to change that. You can watch the video here or read further:

 They were taking advantage of other people and he witnessed that. He really didn't want to meet those people. He didn't want to connect with them. And he said, maybe my goals are not feasible. I don't want to do this. I don't want to meet business owners who are all about taking from other people and taking advantage of people. That's just not me. And maybe I should stick with what I'm doing and just forget about what I want.

So then we talked about that this experience was just confirming what he already knew. That business people are not to be trusted. What I heard here is that he was closing up to making that shift in his mindset. He saw that he needs to stay open to question what he believed was true.

And that is that business people are not to be trusted. That's actually what a mindset shift is about. That whatever you think is true isn't necessarily true. And if you are open to explore other options, you are able to change that.


“Your beliefs will continue to show you that you are right. No matter what your beliefs are.”


Your truth is about what you believe

Our brain actually works with a filter. We have a lot of information coming at us every day. And in order to make sense out of that, we have a brain that creates a filter. But that filter is based on experiences that you had.

The things that you've read, the things that you've heard and the meaning that you give to that. And it actually works in a way that we are mostly aware of the things that we already know. So it confirms whatever we know is true. But what is true is based on our experience.

So if your experienced that, you've seen a couple of times, the business owners are not reliable, you can think that business people are sleazy. And if you think that many times it will become a belief.

What a belief does is that you don't consciously think about it, but it's in your subconscious and your subconscious drives 95% of your actions. So you're not even aware of it because for you it's the truth. You don't even question it.

A belief is a thought that you keep thinking

What a mindset shift is about is to be aware of your subconscious and to change that by looking for a new belief, a belief that WILL support your goals.

In the case of my client, he is looking for the proof that there are business owners who are doing good and who are about a win win situation. And I'm sure that he has met many of them, but he's not aware of that.

He only sees what he believed is true and that's that they're not trustworthy. And so the shift in the mindset takes a while. It's a process. So we are now working on taking the next step in meeting new people and really looking for the people who share the same values as his.

And the trick is here is when he finds one or maybe two that we really acknowledge that I help him be very aware of the fact that he found someone.

Think new thoughts and look to see proof and you’ll change your beliefs”

And so actually proving that the belief that he had for so many years is not true because there are actually people who are about a win win situation just like he is. And when you do that many times, it's the same as how you created your old belief. That's by thinking the same thought and just repeating that until you believe it.

You will find proof if you actively look for it

But now you are proactively working towards looking for this proof for your new belief and just confirming that over and over and over again. And so it's about consistently taking action and being very, you have to be very aware in doing that. And if you keep doing that, you will find proof and you will tell yourself what you believed before isn't true. This is his new belief and that will support his goals. So he isn't holding himself back anymore because he's really open to receive what he wants to see in investing in new relationships.

So my question for you is, if you have a goal for the growth of your business or for your entrepreneurship, what is a belief that is holding you back? It can be about people, but it can also be about money. Maybe you want to invest in something that you need for the growth of your business, but you believe you don't have the money and you don't think about how you could receive the money for that.

But if you can shift your thinking and think there is money everywhere, you can ask, how can I get the money to invest in that? Then you're open to the opportunities and you think about what is possible. Instead of saying that you don't have the money, this is why you can't invest in it. This is what you need your money for. And that's why you don't have money to invest in something new.

Stop explaining to yourself why you don't have the money, but shift your thinking into how can I make more money, extra money for this investment? And it's the same with other things that are holding you back for, from achieving what you want and taking the next steps.

Changing your mindset is about being open to question your own truth. And actively look for what you want to find.

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