Would you like your business to reflect what you truly want?

Is this you?

  • You lost the passion for your business

  • You feel torn between making money with what you have been doing and focusing your business in the direction of what you want

  • You focus on tasks that won’t actually grow your business in the direction that you want

  • You are a quick starter and repeatedly find yourself not finishing the things you have started

  • You know that you are capable of so much more and it is time to take on this mission

  • You understand that getting support to focus on taking a new direction, would help you accomplish much more.

    As a Strategic Intervention Coach I offer support to entrepreneurs just like you.

  • I help you get clear about your life purpose and priorities

  • I stretch your thinking beyond your current limiting beliefs so you begin to think bigger and see what really is possible for you

  • I provide you with the accountability which inspires you to take massive action towards your goals

  • I show you tools and techniques which allow you to take control of your time and help you follow through with your plans.

    As a result you experience:

  • Greater results in your business

  • Implementing the ideas that you’ve kept for your self all this time

  • More focused time at work and more free time at home.

  • Less stress and more joy

  • Increasing confidence and less overwhelm

  • That you can have a balanced life while making money with what you love to do.

    If you want to make a big impact whilst doing what you love, I’d love to talk. Let’s connect and have a chat about your future.

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I am Helen Kho. My purpose is to help small business owners to connect with their purpose and desires, to be a catalyst to them to take empowered action for the results they want, so they find fulfillment, joy and confidence in the way they show up in business and in life.

I support entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most and to follow through on their plans for growth and change in your business.

As a certified Strategic Intervention lifecoach I teach, coach and strategize with entrepreneurs to implement the changes they want to see. Being clear about what you really want is the first step. I can help you from getting clear about what you want until you’ve come to completion with the ideas you’ve had for a while.



“Find the magic in the pursuit of it”