Patience as key to your success

Today I wanted to talk to you about being patient and why patience is a very important success factor if you're a business owner. I've been talking to a couple of my clients in the last few weeks about this topic because we were strategizing about the actions that they were going to take in the next few weeks.

And I could tell that they were very expecting quick results. And that's fine. It's just that it could be different too. It could be that this new product that you're launching is not going to sell right away. It could be that the first webinar that you're doing doesn't have as many participants as you want.

So whatever you are doing, whatever actions you're taking, see it in a broader perspective. What if you could see being in business as a long term game. Then every action that you take and the results that you're seeing in the short term doesn't throw you off.

It doesn't make you doubt your products, your marketing or your prices. It's just part of the journey. If you don't sell as much as you would like, you can think of it as a moment of learning. What can you do about it?

You start to think in possibilities

So next time when you offer it again or when you're marketing again it could do better. Or maybe you you don't need to adjust it yet and you just wait a little bit longer so you can have more information about why it's not selling. Maybe you can find out and talk to people about it. That's what happens when you play a long term game. You start to think in possibilities instead of blocking yourself from further actions.

A longterm approach means you are putting in more of your effort and your attention into your work. You make your products better, you do your marketing better and just learn along the way so YOU get better. Imagine how your results will be in the long term compared to giving up to soon because of doubts that don't serve you.


“With every ‘no’ you get closer to the next ‘yes’”


So remember with whatever you're doing right now, today and next week or in two weeks from now: when you get the results and you are not happy about it, just see it as one of the steps in maybe 10 steps you need to take in order to achieve the results you want to have.

If you receive a 'no' in a sales conversation, see it as one step closer to the yes that you're getting. Maybe you need 10 sales conversations before you get a yes. So with every no, you get closer to the next Yes.

So that's what I wanted to share with you today. Think of this as a longterm game and you will win. Thanks for watching. See you next time. Bye.

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