Being intentional for more freedom and fulfilment

Today I wanted to talk to you about being intentional in running your business. Why do I want to talk about being intentional? Why is that important and what does it actually mean? So it's about freedom and fulfilment. When I talk with business owners about why they started their company, they talk about how they would like to make money by doing what they love to do the most and believing that they can create a bigger impact doing that.

And they have their expectations about the level of fulfilment and freedom by being a business owner. But if we talk about how they are experiencing that now, they're not always experiencing that freedom and fulfilment that they were looking for.

So my question to you is, how do you experience the freedom and fulfilment in your business? Is it what you’ve been looking for?

Because if it's not, you're not the only one and this message is for you. If you're not being intentional in running your business, you can't achieve that level of freedom.


 So what’s being intentional actually about?

I'd like to share two tips to be intentional in running your business.


Know what you want and acknowledge the importance

It starts with getting clear about what you want and especially acknowledging why that is important for you to work towards that.

We can set a goal, write it down, set up a plan and start taking action. But so often I meet business owners who were not acknowledging how important it is to move forward towards that goal.

And if we don't do that, we get distracted. Because as a business owner, we can be very busy every day. We have so much people and things to attend to, that if you're not really acknowledging the importance of your own wishes, other people's needs can become your priority.

Other things seem urgent while they're not really important and so you get distracted. Or you will stop taking action on what you want when it gets difficult.

And so the first thing that we need to do is knowing what we really want and acknowledging that it's really important to actually take action for our heart's desires.


“Align your business with your purpose for freedom and a bigger impact”


Because if we stop doing that, we can be busy running our business while we actually want to achieve something else. Then your business doesn't grow with you and before you know there’s a gap between the direction of your business and your own desired direction.


Align your business with your own purpose, your values and translate your heart’s desires into what you have to offer that brings value to your customers. Translate it into how you run your business. This is how you can have a bigger impact with your business while having more freedom and fulfilment.


Understanding you is your gateway to change

The second tip I want to share is about truly knowing yourself and understanding your ways of doing things, your behaviour, the choices that you make and your habits.

If you truly understand what you do and what drives you, why you are doing the things that you're doing, then we can also see what’s not working for us in achieving our new goals and what is helping us to move forward.

And once we do that, once we have that clarity around what’s not working, we can start to think about what we want to add in to our lives to help us achieve our goals.

What do we want to add in as a skill to really move towards the goals you have? Who do we want to add in into our lives that will support us and inspire us to stretch ourselves and get comfortable with the uncomfortable?

Start changing the level of freedom you’re experiencing

These are the tips I wanted to share with you to let you know that if you're not experiencing the freedom nor the fulfilment that you’re looking for, you can change that.

And that it starts with being truly intentional: knowing what you want and acknowledging how important it is to truly work for that. What's your heart's desire? Make it important to do something with that.

The second thing is to know yourself. Get to know yourself and your patterns in your behavior and why you're doing the things that you do and stop doing the things that are not working for you in that next phase. Start adding in new behaviors, new habits, new people that will support you to do things differently than you've done up till now.

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