Creating our own breakthrough

When we talk about a breakthrough it suggests that we have been stuck in the same place while we want to be there.

But it doesn’t always feel like being stuck. If you set out to do something but you’re not stretching yourself, you can achieve your goal without experiencing a breakthrough. A breakthrough being that you’ve crossed a barrier within yourself.

Set yourself up for your breakthroughs

Both is fine by the way. There is no right or wrong way. But if you have an ambition to grow yourself and your business, you want to set yourself up for your breakthroughs.

 And to do that you need to stretch yourself in terms of your goals and your commitment in taking actions beyond what feels comfortable. Yes, it’s about putting yourself outside of your comfort zone.

 I’ll give you an example of how I created my breakthrough. In order to reach the people who I want to help and support with my work, I need to take up more space. It means that I want to be unapologetically me and communicating my message as much as possible. I’ve done serious work to grow from totally hiding to now being out there meeting new people every week and being visible on social media. It’s a difference of night and day compared to 5 years ago.  

 This was my setup for a breakthrough

But now I have my first event abroad, this Friday. The Breakthrough in Business event. I’m one of the 4 speakers that day and we are hosting this ourselves. We knew there’s a lot of work to do to get the word out about this event. I started out doing what I could. Talking about it with people, asking some friends to share our message, doing posts and video’s about it.

This is doing what I could. Better said, this was doing what I thought I could do.
And doing what I felt comfortable doing is the honest truth.

 I did feel I want to be able to do more but I didn’t see how. And after I talked with business friend about this it became so clear. I wasn’t stretching myself to go beyond what I thought of doing. She said: ‘Do facebook lives everyday. At least.’

 You can imagine my reaction to that. I was shocked and self aware at the same time. I caught myself wanting to keep going on this level of being out there. I would be fine, if I didn’t have the desire to grow further and be able to unapologetic in how I show up. If I want to help my clients to do that more, I want to keep growing and taking up more space.

 My thinking shifted because of this conversation. I immediately 10x my visibility after that. Doing daily facebook lives, creating written and video posts. I can see the difference in the results immediately. And now I do feel I’m doing what I can because I’m stretching how I show up for this.


When you start to get things moving, go for the long run

And I’m not stopping after we had our event this Friday. Because this is what it’s about if you’re working for what you want. Being intentional with how much you can do more than what you think you can do, is what creates growth.  

We can all achieve huge progress in working towards what we want. If we just slow down sometimes and ask ourselves: how can I 10x my actions? Can you imagine what that would do for you?


What do you need to set yourself up for your own breakthrough?

I’m inviting you to stretch yourself, go beyond what is comfortable for you and what will help you to get closer to your goals. What do you need to do that? 

If you’re looking for inspiration, tips on how to grow your business or people around you that are working on their growth, you can still register for our Breakthrough in Business event this Friday in London. You can find your tickets here:

I’m wishing you a great day!


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